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… our new rat-controlling telepathic masters

by on Aug.07, 2013, under Animals, Evil Geniuses, Rats

So it looks like scientists have created a way to control rats just by thinking.. The process is non-invasive, and could theoretically be covered up by a hat.
There’s two ways I can see this going. One is where someone of lower morals gets ahold of this technology and creates an army of vermin. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why it has to stop at rats, why not monkeys, rabbits, or even sharks (though there’s something more comforting about the idea of being conquered by sharks wearing top-hats).
The other possiblity is if someone tries to mind-control a strong willed animal, but is then mentally overpowered and the animal ends up controlling the human.
Either way this ends badly for humanity.

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… our new avatar overlords

by on Nov.14, 2012, under Evil Geniuses, Robots

Avatars aren’t just weirdly sexualized blue aliens or playfully distasteful animated GIFs any more.  Mad scientists are currently making inroads in creating mind controlled robotic shells.  Now the dreams of bullied nerds everywhere are almost coming true.

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… our mad-scientist master

by on Dec.07, 2011, under Evil Geniuses

Taking a page straight out of ’12 Monkeys’, a scientist named Rob Fouchier has taken one of the most dangerous bird flu viruses and modified it to not only be more compatible with humans, but also airborne. I suppose there’s a great scientific reason for this (don’t care, bad idea) but the real icing on the cake is that he wants to publish his research, thereby making the technique available to any psycho with a biology lab (I assume this is the sort of thing you could do with a rudimentary chemistry set and kitchen utensils). This is akin to publishing plans to a bomb that would kill 59% of all humans that come in contact with it. Considering this Fouchier guy is obviously pretty bright, he’s got to have a plan. (continue reading…)

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