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… our new robo-sparrow overlords

by on Feb.27, 2013, under Animals, Birds



So some biologists got together and thought “hey, why don’t we try to create humanity’s doom through robotic animals?”  Apparently there were no objections, so they proceeded.  I’m betting at one point someone said “but what will we tell people when they hear about our obviously dangerous plan?” to which the reply was no doubt “we’ll tell them it’s for science!”

But did they consider what will happen when the fun and games are over and they start animating things like bears and lions?!!?!??!

BBC News – Robosparrow created from dead bird.

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…our new un-named overlords (who are talking to the Chinese)

by on Nov.16, 2011, under Aliens, Birds, Old Ones

I don’t really know how to categorize this one. Seems the Chinese government is up to something. Something big. Google has revealed all sorts of weird stuff in China that no human would think is a good idea. We’re talking MASSIVE designs etched into mountainsides or the desert with no discernable use.

Naturally, I mean no discernable human use. Looking at this logically, they’re either (continue reading…)

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…our new winged overlords

by on Oct.20, 2009, under Animals, Birds

This video shows a crow not only using a tool, but creating one!  It realizes what isn’t working, and modifies a tool accordingly?

I used to think that crows were cool, but when I lived in a suite with a very large deck I was continually harrassed by a local crow who would dive-bomb me, perch himself at the other end of the deck and caw non-stop, and even tried dropping things on me from a great height (it didn’t have a problem with other people, this was personal).  I hated that crow as much as it hated me, but now that I’ve seen the video, I’d just like to say that Crow in Vancouver, if you’re reading this I want to apologize for whatever I did to upset you and I take back all the hurtful things I said.  My apologies.

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